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GSM Lift Watch Voice

Produkty : Emergency Elevator Phones

GSM Lift Watch VoiceEmergency wireless GSM communicator - emergency GSM intercom

suitable for

  • elevators / lifts
  • parking lots
  • points for emergency communication
  • any place where emergency calls might be needed

Meets all safety standards for elevators / lifts (EN81-28, 70)

Voice messages for activation of connection and 12 statuses of operation

No landline, no wires

Easy to install

Simple settings


Calling up to 7 numbers consecutively

Emergency and service calls

Evidence of service interventions/checks

Programmable relay contact

Universal input

Blocking input

Test of acoustic path

Automatic periodical testing

Backup battery

USB port

SMS text messages for control and programming

ReMic A - part of the GSM Lift Watch Voice

ReMic B, durable version for outside use out of elevator/lift car

GSM Lift Watch Voice datasheet

GSM Lift Watch Voice manual

Windows PC setup program for GSM Lift Watch Voice

USB driver 32/64 bit (WXP, Visa, W7, W8, W10)

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