2-Wire-LAN convertor - Ethernet and PoE 1Gbps


  • The 2-Wire-LAN is a 2wire system of convertors for use in any type of building 
  • Extra B "Boost" port for increasing the data transmission up to 1,000Mbps over the 3rd wire
  • IP over 2 Wire Ethernet Extender system
  • Long-range ethernet extension over a 2-wire pair
  • Extend your Ethernet cables over any 2-wire copper cable
  • Ethernet and PoE just over 2 wires
  • Full-duplex high-speed Ethernet data signal over two-wire cable
  • Automatic negotiation data throughput
  • High data rate - up to four IP Intercoms and Mega-pixel cameras
  • IEEE 802.3 af/at compliant PoE for IP Intercom and IP camera power supply
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  • Plug & Play configuration, no IP address, no network setup needed
  • LED indicator for installation - Power, Link and Data traffic status
  • Using your standard two-wire or three-wire cable, you can extend data signal 10/100/1000 BaseT to a distance of a maximum of 300m.
  • Use legacy analog wires of your old intercom or CCTV to connect your IP camera, IP intercom, IP phone, and other IP devices.
  • Advantage of the 1:4 system: The 2-Wire-LAN master unit can support up to 4 slave units
  • Any 2-Wire-LAN unit can be master or slave, the units are the same
  • The selected master unit is powered via a 48VDC power supply adapter
  • Up to four PoE powered IP devices can be connected via slave units to one 2-Wire-LAN master unit


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