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ODYSEUS analogue phone system - PABX - PBX 

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The ODYSEUS analogue phone system is a compact private automatic branch exchange - PABX - designed for connection of 1 analog trunk/external line and 4 analog extensions (internal lines) with possibility of automatic FAX/MODEM switch and CLIP function. The PBX is in a plastic box with an external mains adapter. An interface of the external line is the same as of extensions - US connectors RJ 11.

Brief list of features:

  • One analog trunk/external line.
  • Four analog extensions with pulse or tone dialling (might be combined variously).odyseus_pbx
  • During power outage the functionality of the first extension is maintained.
  • It is possible to make one external and one internal connection - Internal connection is of course free charge.
  • No possibility of undesired monitoring of internal and external calls.
  • The different type of ringing for internal, external and even door intercom calling.
  • Ringing from external line is possible to delayed variously.
  • Adjustable lenght of FLASH (100 - 600 ms).
  • Transfering of call with waiting for connection.
  • Transfering of call with time supervision.
  • Back inquiry-it is possible to make consultation to other extension during connection.
  • Possibility of direct access to external line.
  • Prohibited numbers – restriction of extension to call unrequested numbers.
  • Adjustable FAX and MODEM switch - pasive and active.
  • Possibility to set features for each extension individually.
  • Reservation of set features in EEPROM memory.
  • PBX transmits CLIP to extensions (number of calling party).
  • Speed of modem transmission is unrestricted by PBX.
  • Protection against overvoltage in telecommunication network.
  • ODYSEUS manual
  • Demo Video: ODYSEUS as a simple phone system
  • Product images on facebook

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