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The LiftCall - Line  Brave Link Lift Watch series

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• The LiftCall - Line communicator base unit is powered by the telephone line only

liftcall - line

• The entire unit includes a microphone and a speaker (dimensions 135 x 66 x 23 mm)

• Connect an external microphone and speaker

• Connection (2xRJ45) above cab/under cab - microphone, speaker, button, LED

• Programming by selecting DTMF from phone, remotely from PC using BlackBox and analogue line, and locally from PC by connecting USB cable

• Call status indication yellow / green, on the communicator horizontal / vertical and external output Open collector (OC) for LCD panels or circuit with LEDs with external power supply

• The buttons can be used to switch (NO) or NC (NC)

• Two-button connection, BTN1 is not blocked and allows multiple functions, BTN2 is an emergency call button from the elevator cab

• BLK blocking input, BTN2 and BLK inputs are always two - for a single contact or for a circuit in the 12 / 24V

• Special auto-blocking function (derived from the cab movement - Blocking input is connected to the door switch)

• The time for activation of each button is individually adjustable from 0.5 seconds to 39 seconds

liftcall - line ReMIC


SwitchBoard  is recommended to connect up to 3 lift emergency communicators in parallel

• Up to 5 communicators can be connected in parallel

• Automatic system functionality check - Service call (automatic call to preset number in 1 to 59 days)

• Enable acoustic ticking on a call recognition call

• Adjustable Tone, Flash, and Pause parameters

• Adjustable parameters for the tone detector and acoustic signaling

• Electronic acoustic parameter settings (no need to open the unit)

• You can program 6 numbers (16 digits - contains *, #, Pause, Flash) without acknowledgment or confirmation

• Memory of the two last dialed numbers

• Technical call of four states - acknowledgment of presence of the technician in the lift, - Alarm end, emergency call button (BTN2) and acoustic disturbance (microphone * / loudspeaker)

• Check the acoustic function, check the cab lock

• Call to engine room (BTN1 button function)

• The ability to set silencing during a call, technical call

• Fault indication according to EN 81-28_2018

LiftCall - Line datasheet


Setup program for Windows PC

USB Driver

Call center solution - scheme

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