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New Link Lift Watch - NLLW - emergency PSTN line intercom for elevators

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FeaturesNew Link Lift Watch - NLLW - emergency PSTN line intercom for elevators:

  • The unit is powered from a line only (you connect the line and a button only!)
  • The unit includes an acoustic part (a micro and a speaker) – a compact soution! The loudness of the micro as well as the speaker is adjustable independently.
  • Integrated anti-interference as well as a protection against static electricity.
  • Programming is either remotely by phone (DTMF tones) or by PC (serial port RS232 or USB with a convertor to RS232).
  • Includes a switchable relay contact - remote control by phone
  • It can be used for a remote control of the lift ( RESET). The time of relay closing is adjustable from 1 to 99 seconds.
  • Includes an indication light (LED) – yellow, indication of dialling the number
  • Includes indication light (LED)–green, indication – connection was made.
  • Time of button activation is adjustable from 0,5 sec to 5 sec.
  • Possibility of activation via third wire from „ transffer tool“ for communication with a machine room.
  • Security against misusing of alarm buttons (activation during failure 5-24V).
  • Includes a universal input which you can use for failure announcement (doors, power supply, etc..) A special phone number can be programmed.
  • All inputs as well as outputs are galvanicaly isolated – independent on polarity. (except the button and the third wire for the machine room).
  • Acoustic as well as optical signalling of NLLW status.
  • Possibility to program 6 numbers ( 16 digits – includes *,#,Pause,Flash) with a note if you wish to use a confirmation or not . Numbers are progressivelly dialled.
  • Regular automatic control of system functionality (automatic calling to preprogrammed numbers in set time period from 1 to 10 days)
  • Possibility to program a code for remote activation or deactivation of NLLW
  • More info? Please write us.

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