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ReMicA for the GSM Lift Watch Voice

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The ReMicA unit is part of the GSM Lift Watch Voice and the 3G Lift Watch Voice.


The ReMicA allows multiple wires to be connected in parallel, e.g. for communication under and above the elevator car.

The ReMicA is designed to connect signalling to LCD panel or bulbs and LEDs with external power (switches against ground)

Overview of the ReMicA basic features:ReMicA

Connection to the system is identical to other ReMicX units ReMicA

The ReMicA unit can be combined with ReMicLR, ReMicA, ReMicB units.

You can connect another 2 ReMicX units to the ReMIC LR unit (together up to 3pcs of ReMicX)

Built-in microphone and speaker

The output for the indication can be used for bulbs, LEDs, LCD panel with logic inputs (there is no internal indication in the ReMicA unit)

The outputs of the display can be limited by Jumper current - to use LEDs

Operation and status indication according to EN 81-28 norm

Button activation input

Input for voltage activation

When using the GSM Lift Watch PREPOJ module in the engine room, you can establish communication between the engine room and all ReMicX units.ReMicA


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