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SwitchBoard for Lift intercoms

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The SwitchBoard is a simple device for communication between the engine lift room and the emergency lift intercom - communicator  (communicators) in the lift cabin.





The SwitchBoard connects between the telephone line and the telephone emergency lift intercom - communicator (only two wires). For proper operation, it is still necessary to connect the 12V or 24V DC power supply. 

One SwitchBoard can connect one lift communicator in a single mode or two to three lift communicators in a parallel mode.

The red switch allows you to connect the telephone in the engine lift room directly to the landline. This will allow you to call for help in the even





Another feature is a call from the lift cabin to the lift engine room. The SwitchBoard can detect pulse dialing on connected lift communicators. The lift communicator is equipped with the option to call directly to the lift engine room onto the phone connected to the SwitchBoard.t of danger or injury, call for firemen or abmbulance. If the switch is switched off, the SwitchBoard function is disabled (the emergency call from the lift cab is off!) and the phone is directly connected to the landline if the red switch is switched on (squeezed), the standard communication function with the lift communicators is preserved and the emergency lift call function works.


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