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Modular GSM Door Intercom - GSM VarioBell 

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Modular GSM Door Intercom - GSM VarioBell

The Alphatech GSM VarioBell doorphone intercom is a hands-free GSM phone with pre-programmed phone numbers. Phone numbers can be dialled by pressing the call buttons or the keypad. The GSM VarioBell door entry is used for incomming and outgoing calls, incomming calls can be accepted based on the white list stored on the SIM card. Relay switching contacts can be controlled remotely by ringing (GSM key function, i.e. ringing/calling to the SIM card number of the GSM VarioBell door entry phone, only calls from white listed numbers are accepted). if required, incomming calls can be accepted from any GSM number as well. The relay contacts can be controlled remotely during an active call by dialing a DTMF code or if there is no active call, by entering an access code via the keypad of the GSM VarioBell doorphone. The relay can be switched ON/OFF remotely by SMS text message. There is also one programmable input for text message alerting (alarm alerts) and monitoring of sliding gate status.


Doorphone status LEDs indication

  • Red LED (Bell symbol): Ringing - establishing a call
  • Blue LED (Handset symbol): Call is active/established
  • Green LED (Door open symbol): Relay is activated / door open

Worldwide use in a GSM cellular network

  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz

No wires, no cables, plug and play unit, just insert a GSM SIM card and connect the power supply adapter

  • 12VAC/500mA or 12VDC/500mA
  • Optional 2000mAh integrated back up battery for up to 35hrs. stand-by operation during a power outage

Capacity of the memory for saving phone numbers is limited by the capacity of used SIM card

  • Some SIM cards can save max. 250 numbers, new SIM cards have a capacity up to 1,000 numbers

Modular system with call buttons and dialling keypad

  • Surface mountable on the wall or flush mountable into the wall
  • IP44 impregnation rating, suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • 1.8mm thick alluminum suitable for outdoor use
  • Call buttons with stainless steel cover
  • Info window made of polycarbonate
  • Optional audio-induction loop for hearing imparied

2x relay switching contact - two independent, remotely switchable relays 

a) activation by an incomming call / ringing only - it works as a remote GSM key

b) activation by a code (DTMF code) entered during an active call

c) activation by pressing a specified call button

d) activation by a pre-defined access code entered via the keypad

1x input for

a) connecting an alarm (text message SMS alerting)

b) monitoring of gate´s opening (there is sound beeping in the active call during opening of the gate)

The GSM VarioBell door entry phone is an expandable system with up to 87 call buttons

  • The basic module can have zero, one or two call buttons
  • Expansion button modules can have 5 or 10 call buttons
  • Each call button can save to its memory up to 7 different call numbers and call these numbers progressively/consecutively

Keypad module is used as:

a) a dialling keypad for calling/dialling stored numbers in the memory of the GSM VarioBell doorphone

b) an access code lock for entering an access code (i.e. triggering the relay/opening the door directly)


Voice signalling on different events, e.g. "please wait, establishing a call", "door open", etc.


Text message SMS notifications, e.g.

a) date, time and list of numbers which activated the relay contact by rigning

b) date, time and an access code which activated the relay contact via the keypad 

GSM Door Intercom - GSM VarioBell datasheet

GSM Door Intercom - GSM VarioBell user´s guide

GSMVBellset program

GSM Door Intercom programming cable driver 32/64bit WXP, Visa, W7, W8, W10

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