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BlueGate ISDN BRI GSM Gateway - FCT - fixed cellular terminal

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End of life - discontinued product - replaced by the new version BlueGate ISDN Brave


Products : GSM Gateways


Features:BlueGate ISDN BRI GSM Gateway - FCT - fixed cellular terminal

  • 1 or 2 GSM channels
  • Connection to PBX by interface EURO ISDN with signalization DSS1 in NT mode
  • Interface S0 of PBX
  • DISA
    • Dual inward system access
  • DTMF dialling in to internal lines
  • Connection directly to operator or preprogrammed internal line
  • Automatic connection of preprogrammed callers from GSM network to defined internal line
  • Transmission of CLIP to PABX
  • Setting of each B channels as well as GSM modules for routing of calls (LCR)
  • Restriction of outgoing calls to GSM network
  • Restriction of incoming calls from GSM network
  • Preference of connection over 1st or 2nd GSM module
  • Setting of loudness in both ways for each GSM module
  • Setting own call charge pulses (time period 1 sec.)
  • PIN protection of SIM cards
  • Recording of OGM message for DISA directly from ISDN phone
  • The lenght of OGM message till 10 sec. for each GSM module
  • Possibility of sending messages from ISDN phone over GSM GATE as SMS
  • Setting of features by SET software under Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Power supply 9-15VDC or 8-12VAC
  • More info? Please write us.

BlueGate ISDN synchro GSM Gateway (FCT - fixed cellular terminal)

Moreover to BluGate ISDN, there is an input for synchronization from another ISDN line (exchange line). This type has to be used for exchanges/PBXs with more ISDN lines that are not able to handle different ISDN synchronization of individual lines by configuration settings.

BlueGate ISDN router - dial through GSM Gateway (FCT - fixed cellular terminal)

This gateway is provided with ISDN input. The cable leading from this input must be connected to the former ISDN line (exchange line). The other connector (output ISDN line) is used as a standard ISDN line (connection to the exchange/PBX). In this way, the user does not lose the former IDSN line. After proper LCR settings, the selected calls are routed to GSM networks; the other calls pass thoufgh the former ISDN line. The incoming calls are merged from both directions in the ISDN output.

Optional modules

The GSM gateway can be provided with some modules improving its utility properties further, according to an order from production.

  • OGM module – initial report module for DISA direct dialling
    • Recording of initial report directly from ISDN telephone or from PC ( MP3, Wav)
    • Length of initial report up to 10 seconds for each GSM module
  • Remote configuration module – remote setting of parameters using a modem
    • Data transfer and communication rate of 9,600 Bd
  • SMS server
    • via sms server you can send and receive SMS messages under your Outlook
  • Properties of the other modules (RS-232, etc.) are described in separate manuals.

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