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The SIP based IP BOLD65 BLACK door intercom is used for an easy way of communication both for companies and households. IP BOLD65 BLACK combines modern design and technology, easy installation and maintenance. IP BOLD65 BLACK offers two relay contacts, PoE, full duplex audio, a wide angle colour camera and one or two call buttons. You can use audio and video softphone apps for Apple (iOS), Windows or Android such as ZoiPer, X-Lite, Linphone or UDV Guard. Easy registration as a SIP extension of Wildix, 3CX, Linphone or any other SIP server and SIP based VoIP PBX.




  • Talk to callers, look at callers, then open the door
  • SIP Protocol, works with most modern IP phone systems
  • In silver or black colour 
  • IP65 impregnation rating for all-year outdoor use, certified according to EN60529 norm in Bureau Veritas lab, Türkheim, Germany
  • Stainless steel front plate, 1.4404 2B (AISI 316L)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) - according to the norm IEEE 802.3af 
  • Made in the Czech Republic, EUIP BOLD65 BLACK
  • 22mm thin profile with stainless steel front plate
  • One or two call buttons in a robust steel design
  • Easy surface mounting on the wall for flush into the wall
  • Full duplex audio with a suppression of acoustic shock
  • 95,3dB speaker output at 1% signal distortion for noisy outdoor environments
  • Each call button can have up to 5 phone numbers assigned for progressive or concurrent/simultaneous calling
  • E-mail notification with an image attachement in case the user is out of reach
  • 10 time plans with a weekly program
  • 2+2 relay contacts, two physical for connecting two indepent electrical locks and two virtual relay contacts for relays synchronization or remote control of IP relays 
  • the system of relays synchronization enables combining any type of mode (consecutive door opening, two impluses, etc.)
  • 10 edittable codes for each relay, also each user can have his own door entry code for each relay contact
  • COSW code-relay HW for safe activation of locks supported
  • Optional door sensor contacts
  • SNMP monitoring available
  • Real time clock from NTP server or SIP server
  • Advanced options for setup of call buttons functions, setup of level of illumination, call duration limitation, mode of dialling and codelock keypad, etc.
  • Setup of audio signalling including user loaded audio signalling or audio messages
  • Email client
  • Setup of video including video streamingIP BOLD65 BLACK
  • Language support
  • Easy uploading and restoration of configuration
  • Non-collision firmware upgrade
  • System logs can be stored to an optional MicroSD card
  • Storing images/video/audio to an optional MicroSD card
  • WEB based setup interface via a standard web browser
  • PoE (Class 0 - 12,95W) or 12V power supply
  • ETH – 10/100Mb with 10BaseT and 100BaseTx
  • Linux OS, system start in 3 seconds
  • Video transmission to the web browser – JPEG, video transmission to VoIP phones – H.263, H.264
  • SIP connection either in P2P or PBX (SIP server) mode, easily set via web based interface 


Models available in silver or black colour:


Surface mounting on the wall:

  • 230511 IP BOLD65 T1 audio with one call buttonIP BOLD65 BLACK
  • 230512 IP BOLD65 T2 audio with two call buttons
  • 230501 IP BOLD65 T1C audio with one call button, colour camera
  • 230501B IP BOLD65 T1C audio with one call button, colour camera, black colour
  • 230502 IP BOLD65 T2C audio with two call buttons, colour camera
  • 230502B IP BOLD65 T2C audio with two call buttons, colour camera, black colour

Flush mounting into the wall:

  • 230531 IP BOLD65 T1 audio with one call button 
  • 230532 IP BOLD65 T2 audio with two call buttons
  • 230521 IP BOLD65 T1C audio with one call button, colour camera
  • 230522 IP BOLD65 T2C audio with two call buttons, colour camera

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