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18.06.2021 IP VarioBell quick setup guide 



14.06.2021  - New VoIP FW version

V3.5.40, 14.06.2021 - a zipped file, valid for IP BOLD / IP BOLD65 / IP Bellv2 / IP VarioBell / SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 only, please do not use it in any other IP doorphone

- the parameter Maximum call duration limit set to 1,200sec. (20min.)

- the RFID menu shows only in case the HW board supports it



07.06.2021  - New VoIP FW version

V3.5.38, 07.06.2021 - a zipped file, valid for IP BOLD / IP BOLD65 / IP Bellv2 / IP VarioBell / SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 only, please do not use it in any other IP doorphone

1) Parameter "Time hang up before redial", in default 0sec., up to 9sec.

- a pause can be inserted between the end of the call and the beginning of the next in sequential dialing.


2) On outgoing call attempt plays Error tone if the connection with the Ethernet switch is down


3) RFID reader option:

- communication with Mifare cards and tags, NTAG on 13.56 MHz

- new page "RFID reader" allows you to select an action for a valid or invalid card:

• authorization of the card by an external device via HTTP or HTTPS

• acoustic tone

• relay relay

• email with a photo

- on the title page "Status" there is a new item that displays info about the RFID reader:

• read status is "No" for an unchecked reader

• "Fail" for an undetected reader

• or type detected by the reader

- Email page divided into:

- SMTP server - only set up an email account and send a test message

• Missed calls - items from the original "Emails" page related to sending an email after an unsuccessful call are moved here

- on the SMTP site:

• The new "Security" field allows you to select unsecured or secured email transmission

• the "Save & Test" button before sending the test message first saves the entered values and the test progress is displayed in a special window

• new default values

- minor change to the field in the header of the Phonebook paget


4) On all pages for controlling external devices (relays, RC commands, etc.) where the HTTP URL was entered, it is now possible to enter the encrypted HTTPS protocol

- on all pages where a password is entered, there is a click 'eye' next to the password field to display the entered password instead of black dots

• for passwords sent to external devices, the drive entered password will also be displayed (eg SIP, or SMTP)

• for passwords for access to the gateway, the drive entered passwords are never sent, ie they are not displayed (eg access to the web interface)


5) Email substitutions:

• substitutions $Date$, $Date$, $Time$, $Device$, $User$ can be entered in the subject and body of all emails

• the "Missed calls" page can be added to the subject and body in addition to the substitutions $DialNumber$ and $DialName$

• The "RFID reader" page can only be entered into the body in addition to $Response$, which will be replaced by the content of the HTML message body from the response from auth. server.


6) New SIP INVITE header "X-Config"


7) On the "RC commands" page, the new "iBell Gong" checkbox



03.06.2021 The IP Relay Controller - IP LAN web-based relay with 8 relays, controlled via HTTP commands, compatible with IP intercoms of Alphatech Technologies


06.05.2021 IP-VarioBell-intercom-with-Hikvision-DS-KH6320-WTE1-indoor-monitor


05.05.2021 Setup guide for IP VarioBell sip video intercom with Linphone video app on the same WiFi - inside the same LAN


05.05.2021 USB config cable driver installation on Windows 10 


28.04.2021 GSM Door Intercom - GSM VarioBell quick setup via SMS text messages


15.04.2021 The microSIP Windows PC program setup guide with the IP VarioBell video door phone


01.02.2021 Analog GSM - 4G (VoLTE) router - BlueGate A Brave gsm gateway




21.01.2021 - New VoIP FW version

V3.5.34, 21.01.2021 - a zipped file, valid for IP BOLD / IP BOLD65 / IP Bellv2 / IP VarioBell / SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 only, please do not use it in any other IP doorphone



16.12.2020 Setup guide for the iBell office program in English and Czech languages.


12.11.2020 Basic information about the company and products in Spanish -  Información básica sobre la empresa y productos en español.


02.07.2020 - New VoIP FW version

V.3.5.31, 02.07.2020 - a zipped file, valid for IP BOLD / IP BOLD65 / IP Bellv2 / IP VarioBell / SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 only, please do not use it in any other IP doorphone


26.06.2020 The online IP VarioBell audio-video door phone's configurator is now available in Czech, English, German and Spanish languages. Build your own IP VarioBell door intercom according to your needs at 


17.06.2020  - New VoIP FW version

V.3.5.30, 17.06.2020 - a zipped file, valid for IP BOLD / IP BOLD65 / IP Bellv2 / IP VarioBell / SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 only, please do not use it in any other IP doorphone


01.05.2020 Windows PC iBell office video softphone app 1.3.8 with support of Fritz!Box jpg images


11.03.2020  Online IP VarioBell configurator. Build your own IP VarioBell door intercom according to your needs at 


24.02.2020 - New VoIP FW version

V.3.5.29, 24.02.2020 - a zipped file, valid for IP BOLD / IP BOLD65 / IP Bellv2 / IP VarioBell / SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 only, please do not use it in any other IP doorphone

         URL is: http://ip_address/timetable_control?N=CMD  where:

         N is the number Timetable (1..10)

         CMD is 'on' or 'off'

         Both http GET and POST can be used

         It is necessary to think of eventually enabling the password request (on the Web server page) for external (RC) commands 



01.02.2020 The SIP based VoIP video door intercom IP Bellv2 is Jablotron RFID access compatible


27.01.2020  - VoIP FW3.5.28 - valid for IP BOLD / IP BOLD65 / IP Bellv2 / IP VarioBell / SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 only, please do not use it in any other IP doorphone


16.12.2019  - VoIP FW3.5.24 - valid for IP BOLD / IP BOLD65 / IP Bellv2 / IP VarioBell / SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 only, please do not use it in any other IP doorphone



26.11.2019 Linphone video softphone setup guide - valid for SIP video doorphones IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell, IP Bellv2, IP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 with minimum VoIP FW 3.5.13 or higher versions.


19.11.2019 Setup guide for IP VarioBell video doorphone with iBell sip video cloud with Fermax WIT MEET monitor 


08.11.2019  VoIP FW3.5.23 - valid for SIP doorphones IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell, IP Bellv2, IP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 with minimum VoIP FW 3.5.13 or higher versions.


04.11.2019 VoIP FW3.5.22 - valid for SIP doorphones IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell, IP Bellv2, IP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 with minimum VoIP FW 3.5.13 or higher versions.


31.10.2019 VoIP FW3.5.21 - valid for SIP doorphones IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell, IP Bellv2, IP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 with minimum VoIP FW 3.5.13 or higher versions.


30.09.2019 Optional video cloud SIP server for WiFi and 4G / LTE video calls from Alphatech Technologies IP video doorphones to iOS and Android smartphones or tablets


19.09.2019 VoIP FW3.5.20 - valid for SIP doorphones IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell, IP Bellv2, IP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 with minimum VoIP FW 3.5.13 or higher versions.  


09.09.2019 Alphatech Techologies VoIP SIP doorphones are supported 3rd Party SIP device in Aria’s ELG iPECS Cloud of Ericsson-LG. Aria Technologies is a leading supplier of communication technologies based in Australia.


06.09.2019 VoIP FW3.5.19 - valid for SIP doorphones IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell, IP Bellv2, IP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 with minimum VoIP FW 3.5.13 or higher versions.  



05.09.2019 VoIP FW 2.63 for IPDP v1 sip voip doorphones


09.04.2019 tci ambiento indoor monitor - IP BOLD - setup guide


15.03.2019 HikVision NVR with IP VarioBell sip video doorphone - Hikvision-NVR-setup-guide



11.03.2019 New VoIP FW v3.4.60 - valid for SIP doorphones IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell, IP Bellv2, IP Alphatech-Fermaxv2


04.01.2019 A combined solution of the BlueGate SIP1 voip gsm router with the IP VarioBell intercom - do not miss any call from your visitors at the door entrance


20.12.2018 NFC-access-cotrol-module-electrical-lock-IP-VarioBell-demo


19.12.2018 NFC access control module with IP VarioBell  and electrical lock - correct setup of wiring  


17.12.2018 NFC access control setup - a short setup video guide for NFC system of IP VarioBell sip video intercom


12.10.2018 VoIP FW 3.4.57, valid for SIP doorphones IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell, IP Bellv2, IP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 


21.9.2018 VoIP FW 3.4.56, improved filter for pressing call buttons, valid for SIP doorphones IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell, IP Bellv2, IP Alphatech-Fermaxv2


21.08.2018 Live video test of Gigaset Pro Maxwell10S monitor with iBell office video softphone app. The IP BOLD video doorphone intercom at the gate´s entrance.


18.5.2018 iBell v1-3-7 windows softphone app for SIP based IP audio and video doorphones


24.04.2018 Please read the Declaration of personal data protection.


23.04.2018 How to create your own voice files for the microSD card of the IP intercom? 


27.3.2018 The ReMIC B for the GSM Lift Watch Voice emergency lift intercom. The "ReMIC B" is a durable version of a speaker/microphone unit suitable for lift and elevator emergency intercom installations.  


15.02.2018 iBell v1-3-6 windows softphone app  - a new version of iBell program for SIP audio-video doorphones. Support of FULL HD monitors. New language variants. 


12.02.2018 New VoIP FW 3.4.44, automatic restart schedule - valid for SIP doorphones IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell, IP Bellv2, IP Alphatech-Fermaxv2


31.01.2018 VoIP FW 2.62, bug fix in DTMF receive commands


30.01.2018 Selection of a specific payload type. In the web interface menu - extended settings - video codecs - you can choose a payload type for H.263 and H.264 video streams, values range from 0 to 127. A new VoIP firmware v3.4.42 for SIP doorphones


18.01.2018 The 'mail submission' method implemented with support of 'starttls'. The default port for this service is TCP 587. A new VoIP firmware v3.4.41 for SIP doorphones


21.12.2017 Seasons Greetings from all at ALPHATECH TECHNOLOGIES. We all join in saying Thank You and wish you a Happy Christmas and a Successful New Year. 


14.12.2017 $DialName$ used as a new entry in the email message - new VoIP firmware v3.4.40 for SIP doorphones


28.11.2017 iOS11 support - new VoIP firmware v3.4.39 for SIP doorphones


09.11.2017 Alphatech - Fermax SIP VoIP module v2 works seamlessly with Fermax call extension modules ref. 2008 and ref. 2441


14.10.2017 Alphatech Technologies at Nextparty 2017 voip convention, October 6-7, held in Ravenna, Italy. Organized by NextMedia srl.


13.10.2017 Updated user guide of IP VarioBell intercom


06.10.2017 iBell v1-3-4 windows softphone app for IP BOLD, IP BOLD65, IP VarioBell doorphones


28.9.2017 VoIP FW 2.61, repaired timestamp in H.264 video codec


20.9.2017 New product images of IP VarioBell video doorphone intercom


15.9.2017 New product images of the ODYSEUS phone system 1/4


16.8.2017 3G Lift Watch Voice - UMTS version of GSM Lift Watch Voice emergency intercom


31.7.2017 New VoIP FW 3.4.37 - * and # (star and hash symbol push buttons) can be stored to the web programming interface and used for DTMF relay activation


28.7.2017 Loxone smart home system - IP VarioBell intercom setup guide


26.7.2017 The analog phone system - PBX Odyseus can be used for analog gsm lift intercoms or analog door entry intercoms. 


25.7.2017 BlueGate A Brave analogue GSM gateway / router with quadband GSM module inside or UMTS 3G module 850/1900/900/1800/2100 MHz - worldwide use. Compatible with SMS-Mail server for sending/receving SMS text messages via MS Outlook 


24.7.2017 BlueGate SIP1 VoIP GSM router with an internal SIP proxy for up to 10 users 


22.7.2017 IP LAN WEB RELAY item No. 230189 product page


21.7.2017 SMS-Mail server SW for GSM gateways and GSM routers - description of functions of individual versions


29.6.2017 V3.4.36, 29.6.2017  - new VoIP firmware for IP BOLD / IP BOLD65 / IP VarioBell / SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 video doorphones


28.06.2017 iBell v1-3-3 windows softphone app 


25.05.2017 The IP BOLD65 BLACK product page


24.05.2017 The IP BOLD65 video doorphone in black colour


23.04.2017 IP BOLD65 product page


21.4.2017 Video call from IP VarioBell to Grandstream GXV3240 video phone


28.3.2017 A quick setup guide for IP BOLD video doorphone with Linphone sip server  


17.3.2017 Use a preview feature of GXV3275 video phone to see who is at the door entrance. Works fine with IP BOLD and IP BOLD65 video doorphones.


16.3.2017 Create a programmable key "OpenLock" for Grandstream GXV3275 video phone. Trigger the relay of IP BOLD doorphone just with one click on the screen.


9.3.2017 Images of IP VarioBell sip doorphone on facebook 


03.03.2017 Setup your X-Lite or Linphone softphones correctly for a direct use with IP BOLD65 video doorphone


02.03.2017 IP VarioBell assembly guide


01.03.2017 New images of a modular, analogue 1148 NUDV doorphone on facebook


03.02.2017 Setup guide - the Synology Surveillance Station can be used with the IP BOLD video doorphone  


13.01.2017 New VoIP FW v3.4.27 for IP BOLD / IP BOLD65 / SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 / IP VarioBell - VoIP log accessible easily via the web interface


13.01.2017 SIP based VoIP video doorphones of ALPHATECH TECHNOLOGIES at the convention of Wildix, a producer of SIP servers.


22.12.2016 Fermax 7449 display and Fermax 7447 digital keypad compatible with SIP Alphatech - Fermax v2 PCB


16.12.2016 iBell video softphone application for Windows PC works with Linphone sip server and IP BOLD video doorphone. Download iBell sw app here.


12.12.2016 IP BOLD has been tested with Control4 at Yatun system integrator based in Prague, CZ


11.11.2016 Video setup guide for UDV Guard Android softphone app


6.10.2016 IP BOLD is Yealink T49G compatible (the latest T49G firmware version


5.10.2016 IP BOLD is 3CX v15 compatible


23.9.2016 Watch our latest demo test videos of SIP Alphatech-Fermaxv2 video doorphone at 


21.9.2016 Watch our latest demo test videos of IP VarioBell. the SIP video doorphone at 


17.9.2016 Datasheet of IP VarioBell doorphone


17.9.2016 Datasheet of the GSM VarioBell doorphone


17.9.2016 SIP based VoIP video door entry modular phone system, the IP VarioBell has been launched


15.9.2016 Open the door using a QR code - an open project for IP BOLD video doorphone


9.9.2016 SIP ALPHATECH-FERMAXv2 PCB has been launched


22.8.2016 IP BOLD65 RFID - an optional RFID 125kHz antenna can be integrated into the IP BOLD65 video doorphone


5.8.2016 Use an external web relay controlled remotely via IP BOLD


4.8.2016 Make free H.264 video calls via Linphone SIP server 


2.8.2016 Wildix compatible system - IP BOLD65, IP BOLD and IP BELL are Wildix compatible


30.06.2016 A stylish SIP video door entry - flush mounted IPDP video doorphone 


21.6.2016 IP BOLD65 video doorphone has been installed at Wildix France


2.6.2016 A demo video of IP BOLD T1C video doorphone with Apple iOS video softphone app "UDV Guard"


31.5.2016 IP BOLD65 uses stainless steel front plate 1.4404 2B (AISI 316L)


28.5.2016 Launch of IP BOLD65 for flush mounting (instalaltion into the wall) 


25.5.2016 Linphone free SIP service. Make free video calls from the IP BOLD65 to your Liphone free video softphone application installed on the Windows PC.


24.5.2016 Linphone video softphone application. Make a video call from IP BOLD65 video doorphone to a free Linphone video softphone installed on your Windows PC.


18.5.2016 IPDP video doorphones installed at NTD Group  . More at 


17.5.2016 IP BOLD65 is registered to Wildix cloud. Make 3G / 4G / WiFi video calls to your Firefox web browser, iPhone, iPad and Android.


14.5.2016 IP BOLD firmware release 3.4.5 ; improved support for H.264 video codec transmission 


5.5.2016 Make a video-call from the IP BOLD65 video doorphone to your iPad, watch the video here


27.4.2016 IP BOLD65 video doorphone passed IP65 laboratory test of dust and water impregnation protection according to EN60529 norm. The test was performed in the certified Bureau Veritas lab, Türkheim, Germany.


23.4.2016 Use Wildix cloud, powered by Google, and make 3G/4G video calls from IP BOLD65 video doorphone to your iPhone: Watch a short demo video


18.4.2016  IP BOLD firmware release 3.4.2 ; "SIP user agent" feature ; on page "style and language" the customization file is used the same way as the style file


18.4.2016 Project realization for a car park with 4sec company, Croatia. IP BOLD65 video doorphone is managed by http remote commands from a Linux server.


08.04.2016 How to configure IP BOLD65 video doorphone on Wildix VoIP PBX


07.04.2016 A-VarioBell analogue doorphone intercom - watch example videos of the basic functionality on the youtube channel


30.03.2016 IP BOLD firmware release 3.4.1 ; from this version the dialling/access code keypad and more call buttons on IP BOLD are supported


30.3.2016 3CX Phone System v14 - quick setup with IP BOLD65 


29.3.2016 New pages launched - stay online with us and join us on facebook alphatech technologies


26.3.2016 IP BOLD65 with COSW board for anti-hacker protection of relay contacts


25.3.2016 Updated Android version of UDV Guard video softphone application, version 0.96 ; FritzBox support ; bug fixes


25.3.2016 IP BOLD firmware release v3.3.10 ; repaired (fixed) H.263 video codec


23.3.2016 3CX quick setup guide for IP BOLD65


18.3.2016 IP BOLD65 datasheet


16.3.2016 Milestone XProtect video management software tested with IP BOLD by CNW s.r.o. company - setup guide


11.3.2016 IP BOLD firmware release v3.3.9 ; two passwords - one to watch video on the main page, second to access the setup interface ; improved video auto exposure at "software mode"


8.3.2016 IP BOLD65 quick test guide for demo and testing purposes


3.3.2016 elmeg hybird 300 - bintec elmeg compatible audio-video doorphones with VoIP SIP or analog PBX interface


24.2.2016 IP BOLD65 video doorphone - a quick setup guide


19.2.2016 IP BOLD firmware release v3.3.7 ; remote simulation of pressing the call button by http command. Easy testing during an installation and setup.


11.2.2016 IP BOLD video doorphone listed on iRidium mobile web site - recommended equipment


5.2.2016 IP BOLD firmware release v3.3.6 ; improved automatic refresh of video transmission from the camera


1.2.2016 Epygi and AlphaTech Technologies Enhance Door Station Solutions . Epygi QX IP PBX config guide with IP BOLD door entry intercom.


31.1.2016 IP BOLD firmware release v3.3.3 ; easy work with audio files and signalling tones on SD card


29.1.2016 IP BOLD firmware release v3.3.2 ; new features: time zones, NAT, upload of your own style and company logo implemented 


27.1.2016 Control4 SIP Audio Video Door Entry Phone Intercom. Successful integration of the ALPHATECH-FERMAX range of SIP audio and video intercom door stations into the Control4 Home Automation system


18.1.2016 tested IP BELL video doorphone intercom with FIBARO home automation system. Details of the test can be found here . Watch demo video on youtube here.  


12.01.2016 iNels LARA intercom - IP BOLD video doorphone intercom, setup guide


12.01.2016 iRidium mobile tested with IP BOLD video doorphone intercom. iRidium is a unique software package to visualize and control any Automation Systems, Audio/Video equipment and Media Servers with full two-way communication. The test has been realized with Tefora s.r.o. company,


19.12.2015 Connecting IP BOLD video doorphone intercom to Skype for Business - cooperation with Microsoft´s certified partner, Ferrari electronic AG. If you are connecting your Skype for Business Server deployment to a certified Direct SIP partner, a public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateway between the Mediation Server and the PBX is not required. For a list of certified Direct SIP partners, see the Microsoft Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program website 


18.12.2015 VoIP FW update for IP video doorphones (non-IP BOLD types), v2.53 - patch for H.264 to display video on HW IP video phones immediately after calling to IP video doorphone


18.12.2015 VoIP FW update for IP BOLD, v3.2.2 - patch for H.264 video codec to display video on HW IP video phones immediately after calling to IP BOLD video doorphone


17.12.2015 IP Bell - FIBARO Home Center 2 setup guide (SK version)


17.12.2015 tested IP Bell with Fibaro HC2 successfully


16.12.2015 Seasons Greetings. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a prosperous new year.


16.12.2015 Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business setup guide - IP BOLD is compatible (using OfficeMaster EntryControl)


15.12.2015 IP BOLD rain hood, item No. 230199, is ready on stock.


14.12.2015 H.264 FW update for IP Bell and IPDP video doorphones, difference frames implemented, reduction of required data transmission  


11.12.2015 Updated setup guide for iBell video softphone and IP Bell video doorphone


11.12.2015 ALPHATECH-FERMAX SIP Cityline intercom suitable for home automation systems, tested for example with Control4CrestronElanFibaroSavant


11.12.2015 New FW release for IP BOLD, difference frames on H.264 implemented (decreasing amount of data transferred), v3.2.1


10.12.2015 IP BOLD has passed TÜV laboratory tests, it complies with FCC for USA, IC for Canada. 


10.12.2015 Fibaro Home Center 2 - please see the compatibility test with IP Bell


9.12.2015 IP BOLD is compatible with LARA Intercom


8.12.2015 IP Bell - iBell video softphone for Windows PC setup guide


8.12.2015 VoIP FW update v2.51 for "non IP BOLD" SIP based VoIP doorphones 


5.12.2015 IP BOLD mounting template


4.12.2015 Inform us about your upcomming project for IP intercoms (project details on min. A4 size sheet). For selected upcomming projects we´ll send you a demo unit for testing. With the demo unit you will receive a gift - you can choose any four (4pcs.) Quattro Stagioni glasses at (please note the glasses can be sent within EU zone only)  


3.12.2015 IP BOLD is compatible with Ferrari electronic AG "OfficeMaster EntryControl for Lync / Skype for Business (S4B)" solution  


2.12.2015 FIBARO plugin for IP Bell VoIP SIP video door entry phone station


1.12.2015 How to install IP BOLD´s iBell video softphone app on Windows 8.1? Please see video presentation here 


30.11.2015 HW reset guide of IP BOLD


29.11.2015 Snom setup guide for IP BOLD


28.11.2015 Image of IP BOLD 65, impregnation rating IP65, to be launched during Q1/2016


27.11.2015 Installation dimensions in mm of IP BOLD


26.11.2015 New FW release, v3.1.02 for IP BOLD


25.11.2015 How to make an ehanced log file of IP BOLD? Please read a guide here


24.11.2015 iBell setup guide for IP BOLD


23.11.2015 IP BOLD TK1C image - IP BOLD with one call button, keypad and colour camera, to be launched during Q1/2016


20.11.2015 How to make an enhanced log file from IP Bell


8.11.2015 Rain hood for IP BOLD. See detailed images, front side , back side


7.11.2015 iBell video softphone app, PC Windows based, for IP BOLD


6.11.2015 A-VarioBell, GSM-VarioBell ready on stock, IP VarioBell in production


5.11.2015 A-VarioBell ppt presentation


4.11.2015 IP BOLD´s example of a style file


2.11.2015 Buy an IP BOLD intercom with a colour camera and choose a Christmas gift of two (2) Quattro Stagioni glasses at 


22.10.2015 FW 2.50 release for IP Bell


1.10.2015 A-VarioBell launch - please see the datasheet here


2.9.2015 Download Windows video softphone app UDV Panel (universal door video) here


1.9.2015 Download iOS Apple video softphone app UDV (universal door video app) here


1.8.2015 Download Android video softphone app UDV (universal door video app) here


4.8.2015 VarioBell doorphones - new modular series of analogue, GSM and SIP based VoIP video doorphones in production. Launch during October 2015.


15.6.2015 Setup guide for firmware upgrade of IP BOLD 


12.6.2015 P2P mode of IP BOLD can simulate a SIP server - setup guide is here


10.6.2015 Updated datasheet of IP BOLD


5.6.2015 IP BOLD user´s guide


1.2.2015 Launch of a new generation of SIP based IP video doorphone - IP BOLD


20.1.2015 New features implemented to SIP based IP doorphones: inband DTMF detection, SIP registration for P2P connection to iOS (iPhone / iPad), G.729 licensed audio codec 


18.12.2014 A new generation of GSM based GSM Lift Watch emergency communicator for elevators / lifts called GSM Lift Watch Voice


31.03.2014 SIP based IP video doorphones compatible with Grandstream UCM6100 (payload type on H.264 video codec can be changed to 99)


01.12.2013 SIP based VoIP board (up to 64 channels) launched for PRImaGate VoIP-PRI-GSM-UMTS multichannel gateway/router 


01.11.2013 SIP based Brave Steel IPDP doorphone launched 


01.05.2013 Analog Brave Steel doorphone launched 


06.02.2013 Over 2,000pcs. of the new analog Brave doorphone PCB electronics sold to OEM projects of our partners. 


25.12.2012 Live demo with remote online access of  APS Mini Plus RFID reader access control modules with integrated controller. Miniature versions of APS Mini Plus readers are used in SIP based IP Bell and IP Slim door entry phone stations. 


1.12.2012 SIP based VoIP video door entry phone stations include free of charge video softphone apps:

iOS version of video softphone app for iPhone/iPad

Android version of video softphone app

Windows version of video softphone app

25.09.2012 GSM Bell doorphone in production


30.08.2012 Flush mounted installation box with metal frame for antivandal IP Slim and analog Brave doorphones available


10.07.2012 Vandal proof version of analog Brave doorphone in production


26.06.2012 Vandal proof version of SIP based IP Slim audio doorphone in production


23.05.2012 Analog A-Bell doorphone is compatible with Bell-8 expansion module. Max. capacity are 98 buttons


16.04.2012 SIP based IP Bell video doorphone can be expanded up to 56 buttons by Bell-8 expansion button module


05.03.2012 New generation of ISDN BRI GSM/UMTS gateways in production – ISDN Brave


28.02.2012 PRImaGate gateway supports features of mobile extension and callback


18.01.2012 UDV Panel (universal door video) video softphone application supports Windows and Android OS


01.01.2012 GSM Door Intercom in production – GSM based wireless door entry system


01.11.2011 New generation of analog door entry phone stations – A-Bell


01.09.2011 VoIP door entry communicators support H.264 codec


01.03.2011 PRImaGate ISDN PRI GSM/UMTS gateway project completed


01.06.2010 Production of keyboard for analog Slim doorphone


01.05.2010 Production of Induction loops for lift cabins


01.04.2010 Floor Talker in production - floor announcer for elevator cabins

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