Odyseus PBX - phone system for elevators

analog phone system

ODYSEUS is a compact PBX designed to connect 1 analog PSTN landline and 4 analog extensions (internal lines) with the possibility of automatic FAX / MODEM switching and CLIP function. The phone system is inside a plastic box with an external power supply adapter.

  • One PSTN landline
  • Four extensions with pulse or tone dialing (can be freely combined)
  • Suitable as a phone system for 4 elevator intercoms
  • In the event of a network failure, the function of the first extension for external connections is retained
  • It is possible to make one external and two internal calls
  • Internal connections between branches are of course free of charge
  • The possibility of eavesdropping on internal or external calls at another extension is excluded
  • Various ringtones for internal and external connections and calls from the door intercom
  • Ringtones from the state line can be delayed at will
  • External connection transfer with waiting for internal connection
  • External connection transfer with without waiting for internal connection
  • Callback - during an external call, it is possible to call another extension without interrupting the original connection
  • Possibility of direct access of the branch to the state line
  • Forbidden numbers - restrict extension calls to unwanted numbers
  • Adjustable automatic fax and modem detection
  • Calling - passive and active
  • Two switchable DAY / NIGHT control panel modes
  • Callback. It is possible to make a reservation if the branch is occupied after collection. After releasing the control panel, the telephone on which this reservation was made will ring shortly
  • Possibility of the individual setting of parameters for individual branches
  • Backup of set control panel parameters in EEPROM memory
  • For external connections, the S and # options pass to the state line
  • Flash command 100ms + - 20ms
  • The control panel transmits the CLIP service to the extension (caller ID number)
  • The transmission speed of the modem connection is not limited by the PBX
  • Built-in effective surge protection in the telecommunications network
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