RMA - Return Material Authorization request

RMA is an identification number under which you can monitor the status of a specific complaint throughout the complaint process. The reference to the RMA number excludes errors during the handling of the complaint. During the assignment of the RMA number, it will be verified whether the goods are purchased from Alphatech Technologies s.r.o., if they are under warranty, etc. If you send your goods by courier or post, the RMA number under which the claimed goods are registered must be clearly marked on the package. If there are more than one claimed product in one package, it is necessary to clearly mark the individual claimed goods within the package with an RMA number, as well as to clearly state all RMA numbers on the package. The package must contain a list of goods. If you have not obtained an RMA number for the claimed product, apply for it using this RMA request form.

for example +44 ... ... ...
Type the product name that you can find on the invoice of Alphatech Technologies s.r.o. company.
Enter the serial number of the product according to the invoice of Alphatech Technologies s.r.o. company.
Provide the commercial invoice number of Alphatech Technologies s.r.o. company, based on which you purchased the product.
Enter the date of sale according to the commercial invoice of Alphatech Technologies s.r.o. company.
Describe the defect in as much detail as possible.