GRL 4G - LTE GSM relay

GRL 4G - the GSM relay with 2 independent relays and 4 inputs

The device is intended for remote control of 2 separate relays and sending SMS alerts when the status of 4 inputs changes (input on/off).

Basic features:

  • Replaceable backup battery
  • Simple installation and setup (basically just save one phone number on the SIM)
  • After changing the status of the input, sending SMS to up to 7 numbers (PORTOPN1-7 and PORTCLS1-7) stored on the SIM card
  • Separate SMS for each state of each input (i.e. 8 different SMS)
  • It is possible to set the states of the relay after switching on (relay opened, closed, remember the last state before switching off)
  • The possibility of remote detection of the states of both relays, all inputs, temperature, and power supply of the device
  • The device can only be controlled and programmed from the numbers stored on the SIM in the device
  • Work without a PIN code / with a PIN code - automatic generation of a random PIN for the SIM card
Item Number

Programming the GRL4G device parameters via SMS

  • For security reasons, GRL4G device parameters can only be set from the numbers stored on the SIM under the names ADMIN1 to ADMIN9
  • Individual SMS elements are always separated by spaces (words). The first word is always a command. The next word(s) are then one or more parameters

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