Analog VarioBell intercom

analog door entry system


The A-VarioBell communicator is a universal door phone. It can be connected to an analog line and to any telephone system with an analog extension.



  • A-VarioBell modular housing enabling a modular set of 1 - 87 buttons with the possibility of expanding with a keyboard module
  • LED name cards lighting
  • two independent switches with 8 setting modes
  • electronic volume adjustment without having to open the housing
  • adjustable tone detection for hanging up or redialling
  • DTMF programming by phone or USB cable from PC
  • length of telephone number 24 digits including * # Flash and Pause
  • Exit button
  • RTC clock circuit - automatic day/night switching
  • LED signaling of the door phone status
  • acoustic signaling of the door phone status
  • voice communication is powered only from the telephone line
  • pulse and tone (DTMF) dialing
  • two 24-digit numbers below each key (including *, #, Flash, and pause)
  • the number of connectable buttons is max. 87, the number of memories is 99 (they are accessible from the VBDKey keyboard in the mode of dialing numbers from memory)
  • switching Day / Night by DTMF code or automatically according to the internal clock RTC - a weekly program
  • option to extend the call by selecting * or #
  • possibility to connect two independent locks for opening the door
  • 8 switch modes can be used (eg additional bell, gradual opening)
  • two codes for hanging up the intercom from the phone
  • two codes to open the door from the phone for 1 pulse and two codes for 2 pulses
  • 3 x 6 code locks for each switch (password from door buttons)
  • possibility to connect an electrically secured lock to the first switch (activation by serial code)
  • possibility to connect an exit button
  • possibility to hang up by pressing the same button again
  • option to turn on baby call mode (does not dial)
  • option to turn on DTMF reception suppression from the microphone
  • option to turn on ticking in the call for call resolution
  • possibility to switch on the acoustic signaling of relay closing
  • optional number of rings before answering an incoming call
  • adjustable parameters of tone dialing, Flash length, and Pause
  • adjustable acoustic signaling parameters
  • adjustable tone detector parameters
  • electronic volume adjustment without having to open the cover
  • possibility of permanent power supply from an external 12V source (replaces BestBox)
  • easy HW setup with DIP switch
  • corporate settings in several levels
  • programming is possible in addition to remote DTMF also by direct connection to a personal computer (USB)
  • integrated PCB heating with regulation
  • switchable business card illumination
  • ground terminal for better protection against static electricity

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