A-Bell intercom

analog door phone

  • robust door entry station which can be installed both outdoors and indoors
  • system capacity from 1 to 98 buttons by using Bell-8 expansion module 
  • the front plate is made in anodized extruded aluminum and ABS plastic
  • name holders are backlit in original blue color for easy identification even in poor lighting conditions
  • 30mm thin profile
  • surface mounted therefore extremely easy to install
  • optional flush mounting installation box including rain hood
  • IP44 rating
  • optional analog color camera built-in with infra-LEDs illumination
  • connection to any analog PSTN line or analog extension line of PBX
  • options for a single pushbutton which places a call to one number/group or two pushbuttons which can different numbers/groups
  • pushbuttons with a memory for 2 different numbers/groups
  • automatic call forwarding to the second stored number (e.g. GSM number) when the first dialed number (e.g. extension line inside the building) is busy or not answering
  • easy to program - remote programming via analog telephone by DTMF tones or user-friendly programming via USB on PC
  • easy to use - handsfree communication powered by the telephone line only
  • pushbuttons can be used as a code lock with access passwords
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC) - automatic day/night switching or manually by code
  • one or two internal relays controlled by DTMF tones to control electric door locks or lights 


Step-by-step FW upgrade process:

For a FW upgrade, you need to use A-Bell pc programming software, USB driver, item No. 212124 - the PC USB programming cable (HW option), see the downloads folder.

1. Disconnect the A-Bell doorphone from the analog line

2. Connect the 212124 PC USB programming cable to A-VarioBell and your PC

2. Download, unzip and install A-Bell pc programming software (A-Bell setup) and USB driver to your PC - see links above

3. Start the "A-Bell setup" program

4. In the menu Option - Firmware upgrade - choose the file with FW (an unzipped file *.HEX)

6. Connect the analog line to the A-Bell doorphone

7. Start the FW upgrade

8. In about 10 minutes the FW upgrade is finished. You must see a message "upgrade is successful" and hear the reset system audio tone as a confirmation.

9. In case any error happens during the FW upgrade, disconnect the doorphone from the line, restart the VarioBell setup program and repeat steps  4.-8. 

RFQ - Request for Quote