The "SwitchBoard" is a simple device for voice communication between the engine lift room and the emergency lift intercom in the lift cabin.

The "SwitchBoard" connects between the analog phone line and the emergency lift intercom using two wires only. For proper operation, it is necessary to connect it to the 12VDC or 24VDC power supply. 

One "SwitchBoard" can connect one lift intercom in a single mode or two to three lift intercoms in a parallel mode.


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The red switch allows you to connect a telephone in the engine room directly to the landline. This will allow help to be called in case of danger or accident, call firefighters or ambulance. If the switch is pressed, the "SwitchBoard" function is disabled (emergency call from the lift cabin is switched off!) and the phone is directly connected to the landline. If the red switch is not pressed, the standard function of communication with analog lift intercoms (intercom versions BLLW or LCL) is maintained, and also it is possible to make emergency calls from the elevator car.

Another feature is a call from the lift cabin to the lift engine room. The "SwitchBoard" can detect pulse dialing on the connected lift intercoms. The lift intercom is equipped with the option to call directly to the lift engine room onto the phone connected to the "SwitchBoard" device. 

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