GSM key - GSM relay

Using a mobile phone, you can:

  • control garage doors and gates
  • switch on the heating, pumps, etc. for a set time
  • be informed about the status of your security device
  • control the arrival or departure of persons
  • have only one remote control (i.e. your mobile phone) for any number of objects
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  • power supply from 12V distribution or alternatively from the mains supply (12V adapter) or with backup 12V battery
  • 2 inputs for switching contacts (alarm output, sensors, etc.) (5V)
  • when shorting the input, sending a preset SMS to a preset number (for each input separately)
  • the sequential ringing of up to 8 preset numbers (ALARM1 to ALARM8) when shorting the input
  • 2 galvanically isolated outputs (switching contacts 230V / 5A)
  • the GSM key / GSM relay has 1 switching contact controlled by ringing from permitted numbers (switching for a fixed preset time)
  • number of allowed phone numbers for contact control is given only by the capacity of the SIM card, the phone numbers can be stored under any name
  • the setting of all device parameters (allowed phone numbers, system time, authorization, etc.) and complete control of the device (e.g. remote dialing of a number other than the preset number) via SMS
  • both outputs are controlled by SMS from phone numbers with permission of the II. degree (ALARM), outputs can be remotely controlled for closing, closing for 1-99 minutes, opening
  • checking the called credit, sending an SMS of the mobile operator to a preset phone number
  • the setting of all parameters via RS232 or USB via computer, via SMS, or direct storage on the SIM card of the device
  • the GSM key device can be installed on a DIN rail, hung on a wall, or simply laid in a suitable place
  • the device is not intended for installation in humid and outdoor areas. For these spaces, it must be placed in a suitable box

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