Alphatech IP Lift

Alphatech IP Lift intercom

The Alphatech IP Lift intercom device is intended for emergency voice and optionally also video connection of the elevator cabin / lift car with the emergency service, fire brigade, police, service, etc. The device meets the requirements of the standards "EN 81-28+AC:2019-04" and "EN 81-70".

  • VoIP SIP version
  • Simple installation
  • Voice messages
  • Calls 5 different numbers, simultaneously or sequentially
  • 2 programmable relays
  • 4 inputs
  • 1 input for the alarm button
  • Ethernet port RJ45
  • PoE power supply or externally from 8-36VDC
  • USB port for connecting an external HD 170° color camera
Item Number
  • The elevator intercom Alphatech IP Lift is intended for communication between the lift car/elevator cabin and the control room and for monitoring and diagnosing the operating conditions of the elevator cabin.
  • It is intended for installation in the elevator machine room or in the elevator cabin.
  • The intercom Alphatech IP Lift can work both autonomously and connected to an IP PBX / SIP server / IP telephone exchange / IP phone system.
  • For larger installations, multiple Alphatech IP Lift intercoms can be connected to the Alphatech IP Lift Bridge central station.
  • Allows you to make a video call with desktop IP video phones, Windows PC application, or mobile user applications (Android, Apple iOS).
  • The Alphatech IP Lift intercom includes four logic inputs and two relay outputs for monitoring and setting the operating states of the elevator cabin.
  • The intercom Alphatech IP Lift enables the playback of user messages stored on the integrated SD card.
  • The Alphatech IP Lift intercom is configured via the web interface.
  • For integration into larger home systems, the IP Lift intercom offers standard MQTT, SNMP, and HTTP interfaces.
  • The Alphatech IP Lift intercom supports connection to the Alphatech iBell Cloud system, through which the operating states of the elevator car can be remotely monitored and configured, and it allows audio and video communication with the car/elevator cabin.
  • - basic intro
  • - sequential call
  • - IP Lift gong

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