GSM Lift Watch Voice - elevator intercom

The GSM Lift Watch Voice (GLWV) device is intended for emergency voice connection of the elevator car with the emergency service, fire brigade, police, staff, etc. The device meets the requirements of the "EN 81-28: 2018", "EN 81-28+AC: 2019-04", and "EN 81-70" standards.

  • No telephone line is required at the point of use
  • Possibility of various speaker/microphone intercoms for the cabin, shaft, and engine room (ReMicA, ReMic AS, ReMicB + GSM PREPOJ) - simultaneous connection of all SPK/MIC units with the control room/connection only of the engine room with voices in the shaft and cabin.
  • Replaceable backup battery
  • Easy installation and setup (basically only saving one phone number on the SIM)
  • After activation, successive calls to up to 7 numbers (MASTER1-7) are stored on the SIM card. Numbers other than the programmed ones cannot be called.
  • Automatic check call once every 1-9 days to one of the TEST numbers (TEST1-7) stored on the SIM card
  • Adjustable emergency call barring (barring delay/barring extension) - if the call key is held for longer than 30 s, the call is made regardless of the barring (EN 81-28: 2018)
  • Indication of established, ongoing connection and other states of the device by switches for optical signaling and acoustically (voice) - possibility to record own announcements
  • Relay mode for elevator blocking in case of GLWV fault/dysfunction (login to the GSM network, correct backup battery voltage, unblocked emergency call button)
  • Callback only from numbers stored on the SIM card, other calls blocked
  • Automatic call termination after 5 minutes
  • Separate acoustic path test (speaker / microphone / ReMic connection control)
  • "Emergency (Alarm)" status with storage of time and date of recall, cancellation locally (technician) or remotely (SMS) according to standard EN 81-28: 2018
  • During the “Emergency” state, call barring is canceled, incoming calls are possible from any number.
  • SMS with notification of low power supply (adjustable value), SMS with notification of power return above the prescribed limit, SMS with notification of low voltage of the built-in backup battery
  • Records of the number of service interventions on the elevator with the date of the last intervention.
  • Exact time and date from the GSM network
  • SMS operator forwarding (eg credit notification) to a preset number (TEST8)
  • Work without PIN code / with PIN code - automatic generation of the random PIN for SIM card
Item Number

Command SMS mode for remote control (SMS can only be sent from TESTx numbers):

  • the setting of all parameters
  • relay contact control
  • device status detection (supply and battery voltage, "Emergency" time, operator, temperature, blocking and input status, relay status, acoustic test result…)
  • cancellation of the "Emergency" status
  • change of MASTER and TEST numbers (numbers that are called one by one)
  • GSM network status detection
  • SMS with AT commands of GSM module
  • Sending adjustable SMS when the input state changes - separate SMS for both input states
  • SMS when the button is locked
  • 7 switching modes for relay contacts
  • Automatic microphone gain limiter

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