Lift Call Line - elevator intercom

The "Lift Call Line" emergency lift intercom is intended for emergency calls from the elevator car.

The Lift Call Line (LCL) is designed for one lift car and for connection to an analog telephone line (PSTN or trunk line or extension line of PBX).

The LCL is powered only from the telephone line - it is actually a speakerphone with a lot of automatic functions.

The LCL allows you to connect up to 5 intercoms in parallel on one telephone line. Status indication is yellow and green LED.

The LEDs connect directly to the intercom, without serial resistors and are powered directly from the telephone line.

The intercom also allows the connection of two buttons. One (BTN2) is intended for the cab and allows an emergency call to be made. This button can be blocked by the BLK input. The input of the BTN2 button and the BLK interlock can be connected to a NO or NC contact (galvanically connected to the line) or controlled by a voltage of 5V-24V with galvanic isolation (eg when the button is pressed, the 12V siren is activated at the same time).

Furthermore, the elevator intercom is equipped with the BTN1 service button, from which it is possible to make an emergency call, end the emergency call (arrival at the place of intervention), and technical call (revision, check…).

The lift intercom is equipped with a special input (RJ45) for connection above or below the cab and there is a microphone, speaker, BTN1 button, and both signaling LEDs.

Item Number
  • The LCL elevator intercom base unit is powered only from the telephone line
  • The whole lift intercom unit includes a microphone and a speaker
  • Programming by dialing DTMF from a telephone, remotely from a PC using Alphatech Technologies BlackBox and analog line, and locally from a PC by connecting a USB cable
  • Call status indication by LED connection (without additional power supply and without serial resistor)
  • Buttons can be used on (NO) or on (NC)
  • Connection of two buttons, BTN1 has no blocking and allows more functions, BTN2 is a button for emergency calls from the elevator car
  • BLK blocking input
  • Inputs BTN2 and BLK can be connected as a separate contact, or use a connection in a circuit with a voltage of 12 / 24V
  • Special automatic call barring function (derived from cab movement)
  • The time for activating each button is individually adjustable from 0.5sec. to 39sec.
  • It is possible to connect up to 5 intercoms in parallel
  • Alphatech Technologies SwitchBoard is recommended for connection to the engine room, which allows up to 3 communicators to be connected in parallel
  • Automatic system functionality check - Service call (automatic call to a preset number in a period of 1 to 59 days)
  • Possibility to turn on acoustic ticking in the call for call recognition
  • Adjustable tone dialing parameters, Flash length, and Pause
  • Adjustable parameters of tone detector and acoustic signaling
  • Electronic settings of acoustic parameters (without the need to open the unit)
  • It is possible to program 6 numbers (16 digits - contains *, #, Pause, Flash) without confirmation or with confirmation if you want to use confirmation
  • The memory of the last two numbers dialed
  • Three-state technical call - confirmation of the technician's presence on the lift, - stuck emergency call button (BTN2) and acoustic path fault (microphone * / loudspeaker)
  • Checking the functionality of the acoustic path, checking for a stuck button in the cab
  • Possibility to call the engine room (BTN1 button function)
  • Possibility to set mute sounds during service, technical calls, and calls from the cabin movement counter
  • Possibility to expand the basic module with the Alphatech Technologies Talker module.
  • The talker module is powered from the telephone line and contains 3 messages:
  • Start a call
  • Installation location information (address)
  • Ending a call

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