IPDP Modular intercom

IP video door phone

EoL - End of Life - replaced by IP VarioBell video intercom

Look at callers before talking to them, talk to callers, then open the door. 

VoIP door entry phone with MJPG video stream and H.264/H.263 video from a color camera.

  • Optional video cloud SIP server for WiFi and 4G / LTE video calls to smartphones and tablets

Do not miss a visit at the entrance to the building or complex.

An IP intercom, such as the IPDP Modular door intercom, together with the BlueGate SIP1 VoIP GSM gateway allows you to communicate with a visitor via your cell phone / mobile phone without activated mobile data on your cell phone. VoIP GSM Gateway/router, the BlueGate SIP1, can be connected to your internal LAN network.

The IP intercom can call at the same time to your internal IP phones, IP monitors and also make a call (via the SIM card inserted into the VoIP gsm gateway) to your cell phone. Your cell phone/smartphone does not need to have activated mobile data at all. Just have a cell phone available, registered to the cellular network of your operator.

If no one is present in the facility to answer the incoming call from the IP intercom, you can receive an incoming call from the IP intercom on your mobile / cell phone, talk to a visitor at the entrance, or use the DTMF code (e.g. 55) to activate the relay contact and open the door of the building remotely.

No external SIP server or any IP PBX is needed.

The system is easy to use and install.

It can be used in your house, in the office, or any building where you need to make sure all visitors at the entrance will be taken care of.

  • SIPv2 protocol works with most modern IP phone systems
  • P2P or SIP server mode
  • SIP registrar inside for registering SIP extensions to IPDP Modular directly without any IP PBX
  • 2 internal relays
  • Optional antivandal stainless steel housing 
  • Surface-mounted installation on the wall or flush-mounted installation into the wall
  • The basic module in audio version or in video version with a color camera
  • Expansion button modules with 1, 2, or 4 call buttons, up to 64 call buttons
  • Keypad module for access control and dialing. It can be combined with up to 18 call buttons
  • Each button can call 2 different phone numbers (day/night more or consecutively)
  • Windows / Android / Apple iOS video softphone apps

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