Line Switch DIN - PSTN line relay

The "Line Switch DIN" device contains 4 relays whose switching contacts are remotely controlled via a telephone line by means of tone dialing.

  • Relay control can be password protected
  • Relay status can be checked acoustically
  • PSTN line - land line relay
  • 4 power relays 230V / 10A
  • Each relay can be controlled remotely via a telephone line using tone dialing from a standard telephone set
  • Each switch has a separate switching contact
  • The device is powered from the 230V / 50Hz network
  • A 9-12V backup battery can be connected via the JACK 3.5 (Backup Battery) output connector
  • Dimensions: 90x53x159mm
  • DIN rail version (9M)


Item Number

If it is backed up by a battery and is to be charged by this device, we connect a jumper (Charge) - the voltage of the battery in the charged state should not exceed 12.5V (8 NiCd / NiMh cells recommended). The connected jumper (Relay Backup) provides power to the relay in the event of a mains failure (ie the contacts remain closed even in the event of a failure). Charging is performed with a current of 50mA for a 12V battery. At this current, it is a long-term permanent charging, where NiCd / NiMh is not distinguished, or a gel Pb accumulator of smaller capacity can be used, backup within 3 hours is considered. including switches, then meet a capacity of around 1Ah. For longer times, it is necessary to use a larger capacity battery with self-charging.

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